Wind Power, Freezing Weather, and the Renewable Energy Landscape in Texas

Greenbacker Renewable Energy logoMany RINA Wealth Management Service clients are familiar with our partners at Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company. They provide an investment solution that allows our clients to invest in the infrastructure of commercial-size solar and wind projects.

As we’ve all seen, the mid-February winter storm in Texas has highlighted the importance of reliable power generation.

Some have found it politically expedient to place the blame of the power shortages on wind power. Yet, in reality, wind energy only constitutes a fraction of Texas’s power generation and it typically functions effectively in very cold weather.

Greenbacker has extensive experience with renewable assets in cold climates. They own and operate wind farms in Minnesota, Montana, and Vermont,… but none in Texas!

Today Greenbacker published an article that analyzes the Texas dilemma, discusses wind energy in general, and describes how Greenbacker mitigates risk in the renewable energy space. They reveal interesting details on the Texas power market, and the functioning of wind power generators in cold weather.

Read Greenbacker’s Post and Find Out Why They are Not In Texas!


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Tom Neff
Tom is the Managing Partner of RINA Accountancy, LLP.
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