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Looking To Switch To A Bank With A Mission?

Banks have been in the news a lot lately, and frankly not for the right reason. From Wells Fargo Bank establishing fake accounts for clients, to many large Wall Street banks financing speculative activities through derivatives and hedge funds, the news hasn’t been particularly positive. The problem is that we instill our trust and faith in these financial institutions, yet the power of greed and corruption inevitably seem to take over.

The Right Direction
But the news isn’t so bleak. There’s been a groundswell of interest recently among consumers switching to value-based banking. Many consumers are fed up with predatory and unethical practices being employed by some of our largest, most well-known banks. Consumers today are making the connection between their personal financial activities and how they can align with a financial institution that shares their values.

A Better Way to Bank
Enter New Resource Bank. Founded over a decade ago, New Resource Bank is on the cutting edge of socially responsible banking. The core of their philosophy is to use your deposits to support sustainable businesses and nonprofits that are at the heart of community empowerment, environmental protection and social change. It’s nice to know that your hard-earned money is not only invested well, but being put to good use benefitting our communities and protecting our planet.

Consider Your Options
If you are in the process of changing banks, or considering another institution for your banking needs, do your homework and explore all your options. While it might seem that banks don’t have your best interest in mind given all the recent media, there are many excellent banking institutions that are a good match for your values.

At Rise Financial, we’re happy to help review your current banking situation and provide objective advice, whether it’s New Resource Bank or other alternatives.

Tom Neff
Tom is the Managing Partner of RINA Accountancy, LLP.
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