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Investment Management

At RINA Wealth Management Services  we employ a very rigorous approach to managing your assets. Using a proven formula to evaluate your specific investing needs as noted by the process below, we tailor and develop an investment portfolio that helps you reach your financial goals, while taking into account your personal circumstances, risk tolerance and life goals.

Working in partnership with several asset management providers focused on socially responsible investing, we can select from a broad array of different investment options to meet your personal financial objectives.

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Education Planning

The cost of education has been soaring over the last two decades, and with it, the debt that students are incurring. Sending a child to college will cost between $100,000 and $300,000. It’s imperative to develop a sound education planning strategy and to implement that strategy as early as possible.


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At RINA Wealth Management Services we’ll work with you to clearly define your education savings goal, develop a long-term strategy and help you choose the appropriate investment vehicle, such as a 529 Plan. No matter where you are in the savings process, we’ll work with you to ensure you have a solid education plan in place.

Charitable Giving

Donating to charities continues to rise in the U.S., with a record $373 billion given to charities in 2015. Not only is charitable giving a great way to invest your money in causes that are dear to your heart, but setting up the right investment approach can also help save money in taxes.

TOTAL GIVING 1975-2016 (in billion of dollars)

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We’ll help you fulfill your philanthropic goals and maximize the effectiveness of your charitable intent. We do this by tailoring a charitable giving strategy aimed at selecting the right investments and charitable organizations to help meet your donation needs while maximizing your contribution deductions.

Tax Strategies

Tax planning and implementing the right approach to managing your taxes is a critical component of helping you meet your financial goals. Tax laws and rules continue to change as new administrations, both Republicans and Democrats, come into office.

As part of our approach, we’ll work with you and your tax advisor to conduct a comprehensive review of your tax situation and recommend opportunities for maximizing tax reduction strategies. In addition, we’ll do a regular review of your portfolio to incorporate any new tax law changes into your plan, as well as propose tax advantaged investments to help meet your financial objectives.

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RINA Wealth Management Services is here to answer your questions and help you make the right financial decisions. Whether you are an individual, an educator, or an institution, RWMS has a complete solution for you.