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How a Passion for Making Bread Gave Rise to an SRI Firm

Baking bread is cathartic. The process of kneading and working the dough through your hands provides therapeutic relief from any existing tension. There’s an amazing feeling that overcomes your body and soul as you transform the dough from a wet soggy mess into a pliable finished product.

Baking bread also takes a significant amount of patience. Many first-time bakers are turned off by the amount of time and patience it takes to knead the dough and let it rise. But done correctly and with some persistence, there’s nothing better than seeing the fruits of your labor pay off with a beautiful, hearty loaf of bread.

A Growing Passion
I’ve had a passion for baking bread for many years now. It started with a desire to bake my own bread using the freshest ingredients, not wanting to buy the stale store-bought loaves. I found that not only did I enjoy the taste of my own homemade bread, but appreciated the art of making it even more. It’s so rewarding to take a list of ingredients, blend them together and watch a masterpiece come together. To eat it, is the proverbially icing on the cake.

A Parallel Path
As my love for baking bread has grown, so has my passion for making a difference through socially responsible investing. I’ve long been an advocate of enacting social change through various means, whether volunteering or through financial means. This passion continues to grow. We have an amazing opportunity to bring about environmental, social and economic change by making smart and thoughtful decisions about our investments.

The Right Recipe
When it came time to choose a new name for my growing financial advisory practice, frankly the choice was quite simple. How could I marry my passion for baking bread and socially responsible investing? Rise Financial was born. The vision behind the firm is straightforward: take the recipe of baking bread through hard work, careful kneading and patience, and apply these same concepts to investing in companies and products that will make a meaningful difference in our lives. These are the right ingredients for success.

In 2019 it was time to expand my impact and I joined RINA Wealth Management Services. The firm name is not as personally focused, but the care, patience, and artistry fit with my bread-making and investment passions.

Tom Neff
Tom is the Managing Partner of RINA Accountancy, LLP.
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