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401k Plan Consulting

As a plan sponsor, it’s your job to satisfy your fiduciary obligations and fully understand the liabilities that affect your organization. You need a retirement consultant who is part financial expert, part strategist, part analyst and part communicator — a partner you can trust with your employees’ futures. We believe that your retirement plan should be strategically aligned with your broader business goals. We live in a competitive world and if you are not focused on recruiting, retaining, and rewarding key employees it can cost you and your business.

RINA Wealth Management Services brings experience and depth of resources to your organization so you can help your employees and executives plan for retirement. We provide the expertise you need to address all aspects of employee retirement plans, investments, regulation, compliance, cost control, reporting requirements, and more. Create a stronger organizational culture while helping employees plan their future, so they don’t have to “retire at their desks.” Everyone wins.

As your Retirement Plan Consultant, we provide –

  • A partnership with ongoing consultation to help mitigate Fiduciary risk and avoid costly fines and penalties
  • Advice and execution in plan design that is consistent with your overall business goals
  • Financial Wellness programs that are more than just education to help employees achieve the best possible retirement planning outcome
  • Independent investment analysis, oversight, and unbiased advice

Confidence in the future for your organization and your employees

Filtering through the nearly endless choices in retirement programs can be overwhelming, both for your organization and for your employees. It takes a big-picture view of the future, a deep understanding of the retirement plan environment and the right perspective. For employers and employees alike, the goal should be overall financial wellness. That’s the key to a well-planned retirement strategy for your organization and your employee.

You have access to entire suite of resources along with the personal touch of on-the-ground teams who understand local cultures and demographics. Our team provides comprehensive savings and investment consulting solutions—401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, defined benefit—to help your organization ensure the financial well-being of your employees. And since we’re not provider-aligned, you get guidance from consultants you know, and research and market insights that are customized for your industry. With RINA Wealth Management Services, you have a team of retirement plan experts on your side and ready to help you improve your plan and manage your vendor relationships.

Why Hire RINA Wealth Management Services?

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We find that companies hire us for a few simple reasons-

•    We Save them Money
•    We Reduce their Fiduciary Risk
•    We Offer a Flat, Predictable Fee Structure
•    We Achieve Results for Ownership and Employees

Reduce risk, build confidence

Learn how a well-planned fiduciary and investment management process and a hands-on, consultative approach can mitigate your risk as a plan sponsor or trustee, prepare your workforce for retirement, and improve confidence and participation across your organization while helping you accomplish your business goals.

Talk to a RINA Wealth Retirement Services 401k Plan consultant today.

Life Insurance

We provide access to almost every notable life insurance carrier in the U.S., and we have one of the most robust life insurance portfolios in the industry to help protect your family or business.


Choose from a broad array of fixed and variable annuities from some of the largest, most stable annuity providers to help meet your guaranteed income needs.

Long-Term Care

We offer access to traditional long-term care solutions along with new hybrid products, combining the benefits and features of both life insurance and long-term care insurance.

Disability/Income Protection

To help protect you from some of the financial pitfalls that result from injury and sickness, we offer a number of solutions to help safeguard and maintain your ability to earn income now and in the future.

Have you ever had your life insurance appraised? Just like you have your jewelry, car, and home appraised, we can help you determine the value of your life insurance policy. Since you first purchased your policy, your life’s circumstances have likely changed. Therefore, you may be paying premiums for a policy that is no longer suited to your current needs. Through a life insurance appraisal, we will pinpoint the strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities of your policy. Most importantly, we will help determine if the policy is providing you with the protection you need today.

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RINA Wealth Management Services is here to answer your questions and help you make the right financial decisions. Whether you are an individual, an educator, or an institution, RWMS has a complete solution for you.